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Summer Sorbet Summer Candle

Summer Sorbet Summer Candle

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Honeydew melon, water lily, orange creamsicle.

Our Summer Sorbet candle not only illuminates your space but also transports you to a serene boardwalk by the sea, where the gentle breezes carry the scent of summer treats and ocean sprays.

The heart of the candle's allure lies in its carefully chosen scents—honeydew melon, water lily, and orange creamsicle. The honeydew melon offers a fresh, sweet aroma that conjures images of juicy, ripe fruit, perfect for a sunny day. Water lily adds a subtle aquatic floral touch, enhancing the freshness and mimicking the soft scent of beachside flora. The infusion of orange cream brings a creamy, citrusy twist, reminiscent of a refreshing sorbet enjoyed while strolling along the boardwalk. Together, these scents blend seamlessly to evoke a delightful, summery ambiance.

*Our 8 oz frosted glass jar is 30% recycled glass. Reuse your candle vessel over and over with our candle refills.

Our premium blends of oils are pthalate free and we create our candles with a soy and coconut wax blend

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