About Us - Who Are We?

Rebel Cat Candle Co. emerged from a deep-rooted passion for creating, and a strong desire to provide sustainable and eco-friendly home fragrance products with refill options. Our innovative approach is dedicated to creating candles that not only fill your space with delightful scents but also contribute to a greener planet. By offering refill options, Rebel Cat Candle Co. encourages customers to reduce waste, save money, and easily make more environmentally conscious choices in their daily lives.

You’ll notice that our logo features a black cat. Our family has welcomed several adopted black cats into our home and lives over the years. As an integral part of our identity, this symbol represents our commitment to caring for animals in need, particularly stray and feral cats. With our Meow Candle - Candles with a Cause program, every Meow candle purchase will provide $5 to a local shelter or feral cat program. Our mission goes beyond just providing goods or services; we are dedicated to giving back to the community by supporting and advocating for our vulnerable feline friends.

With Rebel Cat Candle Co. customers can indulge in luxurious scents guilt-free, knowing that they are supporting a small company dedicated to having a positive impact. Join the Rebel Cat Candle Co. community today and elevate your home fragrance experience while making a difference.

This is Buster, our Formerly Feral Company SpokesCat, lounging in all his glory.