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Up North 13 Oz Candle

Up North 13 Oz Candle

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Imagine stepping into a rustic campsite surrounded by an enchanting forest where the air is thick with the scent of ancient trees and earthy richness; this is the experience evoked by an outdoorsy, woodsy candle made with Palo Santo, oud, and leather.

Palo Santo, often referred to as "holy wood," has an enchanting and complex scent that captivates your senses. Complementing the Palo Santo, the oud adds a layer of depth and mystery. Often referred to as "liquid gold," oud is one of the most precious and expensive oils in the world. Its fragrance is complex, with smoky, woody undertones that provide a rich, resinous quality. The oud creates an aura of ancient forests, where every breath feels like a step deeper into nature's untouched beauty. Our leather note evokes the image of well-worn hiking boots and the comforting embrace of a well-loved leather jacket as you explore the wilderness. Together, these scents create a candle that is not just a fragrance but a journey—a warm, inviting escape into the serene, untamed beauty of nature. Light this candle, and let its harmonious blend of Palo Santo, oud, and leather whisk you away to a tranquil, woodsy retreat.

Our matte black 13 oz candle jars are made of 50% recycled glass.

All of our candles are made with pthalate free fragrances, soy and coconut wax, and are refillable! Use your jar over and over for less waste. 

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