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Rebel Cat Candle Co.

Great Lakes Dunes 13 oz Candle

Great Lakes Dunes 13 oz Candle

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Teakwood, Sea Salt, Tobacco Leaves

Imagine a candle that captures the essence of a warm summer day exploring tall dunes by the lake, where the gentle breeze carries the refreshing scent of the water. As you light the candle, its flickering flame evokes the feeling of walking barefoot on soft, sun-warmed sand, with the sound of waves lapping against the shore in the distance. The fragrance of the candle transports you to a place where dune grass and sand stretches towards the sky, adorned with pieces of driftwood weathered by the sun.

Our matte black 13 oz candle jars are made of 50% recycled glass.

All of our candles are made with pthalate free fragrances, soy and coconut wax, and are refillable! Use your jar over and over for less waste. 

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