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Candle Refill Kit for 13 0z Michigan Candle

Candle Refill Kit for 13 0z Michigan Candle

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Reuse your glass candle jar over and over, and save some cash as well! Our refill kits are custom sized for our 13 oz matte black glass jars but you can also use them to fill any leftover empty candle vessels you may have at home too. 

This makes a fun craft activity for the family, or even a date night. Our kits include 2 wicks with wick stickers, our special wax and scent blend, wick stabilizers, and a step by step guide. Simply melt the wax in your microwave (or use a double boiler method on your stove top if you prefer) and pour into your candle jar after you have placed your wicks. Our kit packaging has a biodegradable liner so you can rest assured you are helping reduce waste.

A handy step by step guide is included.

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