How Your Meow Candle Purchase Makes a Difference

How Your Meow Candle Purchase Makes a Difference

Did you know?

When you purchase our seasonal Meow candles, you're not just bringing a delightful fragrance and great smelling candle into your home; you're also making a meaningful contribution to support a local shelter or feral cat organization.

With every candle sold, we donate $5 to help the shelter continue their important work in caring for and protecting our furry friends. Additionally, we introduce a new scent with each season, providing you with a fresh olfactory experience while giving back to the community. Your purchase of a Meow Candle not only fills your space with warmth and coziness but also spreads kindness and support to those kitties in need. Join us in making a difference, one candle at a time.

Right now, our main shelter to partner with is Community Cat Crew. You can check out more about them here.  We love that they help feral cats as well as foster over a hundred kittens! They also have opened a cute cat boutique named Pawesome Creators that hosts local Artisans and Makers in Grandville Michigan. 

Why cats, you ask?

Our dedication to helping feral cats came about through our adoption of our three black cats, Boba, Bob, and Buster - who is now our company's "formerly feral" Spokeskitty. Adding a feral cat to our family has shown us the plight of abandoned cats who then have multiple litters that are now forced to fend for themselves with very limited resources. Through our own adoption journey we’ve learned about the importance of controlling feral cat populations and having a positive impact on their lives.

How can you help feral cats in your community?

Many feral cat organizations are run by volunteers and are in desperate need of supplies, and often partner with veterinarians that let them carry a tab. Consider donating food, litter and cat toys or help pay a vet bill balance for your local small shelters. Many children love playing with cats, and adoption centers may allow them to come in and play with or help socialize the kitties. Consider asking your local shelter if you can help care for their cats. If you have the time and space, consider fostering or helping during kitten season when many resources are strained by the high number of kittens coming in to the shelter. There are many many ways to help feral cats right in your neighborhood. Simply reach out to a local feral organization in your area and they will be glad to share tips!



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